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As Pakmak Conveyor, we offer our customers high quality and efficient bottle sorting machines. Used for orderly sorting and stacking of bottles, these machines automate your production processes and increase your production efficiency.

Our bottle sorters have adaptable features for different bottle types and sizes. Thanks to flexible design and configuration options, we offer solutions that meet the specific requirements of our customers. Our machines are equipped with sensitive sensors and control systems, thus ensuring that bottles are sorted in the correct positions and quickly lined up.

Our machines, which facilitate the use of operators with their user-friendly interfaces and easily adjustable parameters, offer fast and reliable performance. It is designed in accordance with safety standards and keeps operator safety at the highest level. In addition, they provide long-lasting use thanks to their durable structures and low maintenance requirements.

As Pakmak Conveyor, in addition to providing customized solutions to our customers, we also offer services such as assembly, commissioning and technical support. Our expert engineers collaborate to design the most suitable machines for our customers' bottle stacking needs and ensure that our customers use our machines without any problems.

With our industry experience and technological expertise, we are constantly seeking improvement and innovation to provide our customers with reliable and high-performance bottle arrayers. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, we help our customers increase efficiency in their production processes. We look forward to providing the most suitable solution to meet your business' bottle stacking needs.

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