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As Pakmak Conveyor, we offer our customers high quality and efficient machines used in capping operations. Widely used in the food, beverage, cosmetics, chemical and other industries, our capping machines automate your production processes and increase efficiency.

Our capping machines are designed to accommodate a variety of cap types and sizes. It can be customized to suit different production speeds and capping requirements. It performs the capping process accurately and reliably with its sensitive force control and high-speed capping mechanisms.

Our machines make it easy for operators to use, thanks to their user-friendly interfaces and easily adjustable parameters. In addition, it is designed in accordance with safety standards and keeps operator safety at the highest level. Our lid closing machines provide long-lasting use with their durable and robust structures and have minimum maintenance requirements.

As Pakmak Conveyor, we prioritize customer satisfaction and offer special solutions to meet the needs of our customers. We offer our customers customized machines in line with their requirements, such as cap type, production speed and other features. In addition, we enable our customers to use our machines without any problems, with services such as assembly, commissioning and technical support.

As Pakmak Conveyor, we constantly follow technological developments and produce innovative solutions to keep our machines up to date. We strive to provide our customers with reliable, high performance and efficient capping machines. With our experience in the industry and our expert team, we are pleased to offer the most suitable solution to meet the lid closing needs of your business.

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